Custom Fee Engines

Ernst Custom Fee Engines are housed in a DLL and can reside with Ernst or on your local server. Designed side by side with you to create the right solution for each client’s specific needs, our solutions can be maintained by Ernst or by you with easy access to your own unique sets of data and attributes.
  • Ernst DLL Solution enables large clients to locally host Ernst services including data, algorithmic logic for calculating recordation fees, transfer taxes and more. Our DLL solution can be customized to reflect your specific data requirements. Whether you use a custom solution or our standard DLL interface, all of the data and programming remains in the Ernst DLL and resides on your site for maximum security and privacy. As we update our data or calculation algorithms, a new set of DLLs will be provided to you to assure your data maintains parity with the Ernst system.
  • Our XML DLL solution is ideal for large processors who prefer to maintain programs internally.
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  • Increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize errors that result in compliance violations and costly rejections by integrating Ernst custom solutions directly into your workflow. At no extra cost with processing times of less than a split second, integrating Ernst XML Direct is a seamless Guaranteed solution whether it is used to populate the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms, update LOS systems, title programs, or included within your web based products.
  • Private labeled or co-branded Ernst XML Direct™ provides our clients with the flexibility and accuracy they rely on in their day to day production environments.
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  • Manage Unique Sets of Third Party Vendor Fees
  • Work with 1000’s of Fees and Unique Fee Attributes
  • Use Effective Dating for Future Fee Changes
  • Access Rule Editors and Easy Rule Management
  • Create Custom Data Views
  • Manage Vendor Information
  • Design Data Mapping Requirements
  • Administer Independent Audit Levels
  • Oversee Multiple Security Levels
  • Control Data Migration
  • Produce Custom Compliance Reporting
  • Monitor Data Changes and Access Logs
  • And More…
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