A new home for the Ernst Blog

We are very pleased to announce that the new Ernst blog will now live here on our main website. Like many of our customers, we stepped into the blogging aspect of social media carefully. We wanted to know whether what we had to share would be interesting and valuable to our customers, partners, internal team and outside professionals we might want to recruit to our team. It turns out that the blog works and it's a great way for Ernst to share news about:

--what's happening internally
--news about what's happening in the industry
--insight into trends that matter to our customers
--opportunities that can benefit the people we work with, both internally and externally

wordpress-moleskinAs part of our renewed blogging effort, we'll be bringing you our top executives as well as the customer service professionals you visit with every day to explore the topics that we believe will add value to anyone who joins us in this space.

And we hope you will get involved with us. Most of our posts will offer you the ability to comment. Let us know what you think, whether you agree with our take on the events we cover and share resources you know about with others who read this blog. You are welcome here. We hope this will become one more place we can talk about the things that contribute to our mutual success.